Welcome to WWOOF Thailand. A volunteer adventure. More to do, see learn and grow.

WWOOF is an exchange program, allowing the exchange of volunteering for permaculture and organic farming skills as well as culture and life skills.

In return for volunteer help, WWOOF hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about permaculture organic and sustainable lifestyles.

WWOOF organizations link people who want to volunteer on organic permaculture farms, projects or eco-cultural smallholdings with people who are looking for volunteer help. WWOOF Thailand is backed by active online customer service and can offer a secure, safe, lively and educational travel experience for low cost travelers to Thailand. People who want to discover an alternative and authentic way of life and experience Thailand and its traditional values and connect with nature.

What is   Thailand?     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLZdaoctCnA


What is Permaculture?


Permaculture Courses www.wwoofthailand.com/about/news

If you are new to WWOOF, you will travel longer, cheaper, better. Find more useful information in the ABOUT page FAQ's and the FORUM Blog page. Membership is 30 euros by joining on the JOIN page.

If you are new to PERMACULTURE take a Permaculture course (get a WWOOF discount). The course is a life changing experience with our world class instructors.

WWOOF farms in Thailand.

Immerse yourself in the local landscape. Live a legacy while making a difference in a Thai community. Click the map pin-point to view hosts and projects, or click here for a larger map.

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